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What is Website/Web Designing?

Web Design can be defined as presenting the creativity of your content (text, Graphics, Media) using hypertext and hypermedia that the visitor/ web user visits the globally through internet with the help of web browsers. Website is a collection of electronic text, documents and Graphical presentation of media using HTML, Photoshop, Macro Media Flash, and XML, etc. which is globally visible and dwell on the server and is available to the user when ever requested.

What is Web/Website Development?

Web Development can be defined as developing a website for using applications in the internet. Web Development is other than website designing it covers the programming & Coding part of the website generally for developing to store the data in database for future reference or for developing CMS (Content Management System), E-Commerce Website, Shopping Cart, etc.

What is the need of Website ?

  1. World wide visibility of products and services
  2. For online presence of your organization
  3. Any one can see and visit your products from anywhere.
  4. For online transaction of your service or product
  5. Easily offer new products to your clients
  6. No need to send couriers to your new clients for presentations.
  7. Online marketing reduces the effort of marketing executives.
  8. Attracts the attention of the user thru website.

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