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Web Development Training in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Eligibility & Course Duration :

Must know at least one programming language.
3 months (Theory + Practical + Live Project).
Timing flexible!

Basic PHP:

What is PHP
Why PHP.
Basic PHP syntax.
Variables, comments, variable naming rules.
Strings in PHP.
Conditional Statements and Loops in PHP.
Class and functions in PHP:
   1. Class, Object, Methods.
   2. Passing Parameters into Methods, Extending Classes.
PHP form handling.
Form validation, GET, POST methods, $_REQEST variable.

PHP with MySQL:

What is MySQL.
What is SQL, Types of SQL?
Connecting with Database.
Executing queries.
Joining of Data Tables.
Data manipulation: add, edit, delete.
Data orientation.

Advanced PHP:

Working with Date, Time-Stamp.
Include and Require Once.
File Operations:
   1. Opening file, creating file.
   2. Reading files in different ways.
   3. Writing in a file.
   4. Parsing a file.
   5. Uploading files.
   6. Restrictions for uploading.
   1. Register session variable
   2. Storing data in session variable
   3. Aaccessing and destroying session variable.
   1. Creating a cookie.
   2. Retrieving data from cookie.
   3. Browser dependency of cookie, life of cookie, deleting a cookie.
Email Handling:
   1. Header, Subject, To, CC, From, Message, send email.
   2. PHP Secure emails.
   3. PHP Stopping email injections.
PHP Error handling:
   1. Handling Errors
   2. Type of errors.
   3. Using die function.
   4. Create and Set a custom error handler.
   5. Trigger an error.
   6. Send an error message by email.
PHP Exception handling:
   1. What is exception?
   2. Basic use of exceptions.
   3. Try, Through and Catch.
   4. Create a custom exception class.
   5. Multiple exceptions.

Ajax PHP:

Ajax Introduction.
Creating and Implementing an XML HTTP request.
PHP Ajax with XML.
PHP Ajax with MySQL database.
Ajax response in XML.
Ajax RSS reader.


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