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Web Design Training Course in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Eligibility & Course Duration :

Aesthetic sense, working knowledge of Photoshop, exposure to web & internet.
3 months (Theory + Practical + Live Project).
Timing flexible!

Introduction to Web technologies:

Introduction to Web Technologies
Protocols and Port Numbers
Domain Names, DNS and Domaining
Client and Server Software.
Static, Dynamic and Web Apps
Web Standards and W3C.ORG

Adobe Photoshop Course:

Types of Images and Image Editing Tools
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
Using Photoshop Tools
Layers, Actions and Filters
Creating Custom Effects
Design Banners, Basic Website Layout
Conversation of PSD to XHTML


Markup Languages
Structure of HTML
Basic HTML Tags
Advanced HTML Tags
Difference between HTML
Introduction to Doc Types

Adobe Dreamweaver:

Intro to Adobe Dreamweaver
Learning the interface
Defining a Dreamweaver site
Adding Content and Multimedia
Creating user submission forms.
Importing a website design

Cascading Style Sheets:

Introduction to CSS
Types of style sheets
Types of CSS Selectors
Complete CSS properties
Simple CSS Layout Design
Converting Table layout to CSS
Creating CSS Menus.
Creating Appealing forms using CSS
CSS Optimization Tips

Java Script:

Client and Server side scripting
Introduction to Java Scripting
Types of Java Scripts
Common java script functions
Using Java script in Dreamweaver

Adobe Flash:

Introduction to Adobe Flash
Tools in Adobe Flash
Shape Tween and Motion Tween
Frame Animation
Various Flash Effects
Creating Flash Banners / Websites

Web Hosting:

Web Hosting Basics
Types of Hosting Packages
Changing Name Servers
Using FTP Client (Cute FTP Pro)

Browser Testing:

Various Browser Versions
Validating the XHTML & CSS
Common Compatibility Issues
Online Resources for common issues.

Web Design Project:

Project Requirements
Designing a Layout
Conversion of Layout to CSS
Adding Flash to Site
Adding Form to Site
Implementing Java Script
Testing the Browser Errors.
Uploading the Site to Server

Live Web Designing Project:

After the completion of the Course we provide Live Web Designing Project Exposure.
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